What is A block festival? 

A house block festival is an annual event with the possibility to generate transdisciplinary collaboration with different players within the fashion, food and media industries. This our way of  highligting  our members and show the incredible work they do. This is also to position A house as a leading creative meeting space to attract extraordinary talent.


Theme 2018: The future of co-creation 

We are dedicating a day and night to discuss, reconsider and get inspired by what we imagine could be the future of co-creation. 

Our spaces are carefully curated this day to maximize ineraction. Let us take you through the day starting with morning disco, pick up new thoughts on co-creation at Speakers corner, co-write a collective poem when the sun sets in the back yard, and dance out together with new friends after the final live act + much more in between. In the end it all comes down to exploring this year’s topic : the future of co-creation. 

A block festival is organized by A house members Splay, Spoil concept, Booting up, Grow, SSE business lab, Blomquist & co, Iteam, DD&D and 500. All speakers and collabs during the day are from within the A house community. Get prepared for an unforgettable open house by A house members big and small!

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