Meetings, partys, talks, award dinners, photo shoots, after works, breakfasts, seminars, fashion shows, showrooms, tastings and more. We have raw event spaces as well as fully equipped ones. Having a network of artists, speakers, music and chefs, we’re happy boost your content if needed. Welcome to make your inquiry below.


A verkstad is a brutal place with lots of concrete, a private garage entrance from Uggelviksgatan and a factory style balcony and stairs with mint green details breaking of the raw bricks. A verkstad is only bookable as an event space up until May 31st 2019, when it’s being rebuilt becoming something new!

Capacity: Mingling up to 350 ppl. Seated 225 ppl
Area: 409+85 m2
Floor: 1 & 2
Private entrance: Uggelviksgatan 2A
Deliveries: Rådmansgatan 12
Sound system: Pioneer DJ system XDJRX (extra charge)

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A atelier, for the architect students known as “övre ateljén”, is the most magnificent space at A house located on the top floor. With a church view and a magic light this place is ideal for dinners and mingling.

Capacity daytime: Sitting/Standing 100 ppl before 5pm
Capacity evening: Sitting/Standing 150ppl after 5pm
Area: 144 + 256m2
Floor: 5
Entrance: Rådmansgatan 12
Deliveries: Rådmansgatan 12

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An auditorium with 3 big steps to be used as your imagination pleases. Fully equipped with projector, sound and mics. Ideal for Work shops, talks, seminars, dinners and mingling. Few boundaries.

Equipment: Projector/ Speakers/ 1 Mic / 2 Head mics
Capacity: 100 ppl (seated)
Area: 114 m2
Floor: 2
Entrance: Östermalmsgatan 26A
Deliveries: Rådmansgatan 12

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The lobby is the heart of A house. A bright and open space for meetings, food, live music, talks, you name it. Yes, there is a stage.

Equipment: Projector / Stage (Sound system / DJ mixer)
Capacity: 350 ppl
Area: approx 220 m2
Floor: 2
Entrance: Östermalmsgatan 26A
Deliveries: Östermalmsgatan 26A
Sound System: Pioneer DJ system XDJRX (extra charge)

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A house kitchen – where human needs, creative thinking and tech meets to generate tasty experiences and sustainable business. Used as food lab, for cooking classes, tastings, as event kitchen and for accelerating initiatives within food tech.

Equipment: Fully equipped kitchen (contact us for spec.)
Capacity: 20-22 ppl (seated)
Area: 35 m2
Floor: 2
Entrance: Östermalmsgatan 26A
Deliveries: Östermalmsgatan 26A

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Super modern, extremely work friendly and highly accessible studio optimized for film, photo and music production. The studio is not just filled with professional gear and endless creative possibilities, the dedicated fiber optic internet connection enable easy and powerful live broadcasts of your creations.

Please contact us for specifications and equipment.



For smaller meetings, work shops or an additional hang out space during your event. Coffee always included office hours.

Equipment: Screen/ Apple TV/ HDMI /White Board
Board Room: 10-12ppl Day: 6400sek / Half day 3900sek
E205: 8ppl /Day 4500sek Half day 2900sek
Floor: 2
Entrance: Östermalmsgatan 26A
Deliveries: Rådmansgatan 12

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