Where will the Corona crises take us? What will the consequences be for creative industries and how can we support each other? As a community, we encourage A house members and friends to come together and inspire each other on how to be innovative, using our ability to be online when possibilities of meeting in person are limited. Use hashtag #ahousedigital and join the discussion! Thank you all for contributing to our community of creatives, our team will keep on working to make the A house experience great.

”Use this time to reinvent how you do what you do, bring consumers new alternatives, new value, and in the process even reinvent your own brand. Don’t let innovation stop, because this could be the window of opportunity.” -Doug Stephens on #BoFPodcast (advisor on the future of retailing and consumerism)

Don’t forget to “support your local” and help business such as restaurants, bars and others to get passed these hard times. Already, we see many innovative solutions and new ways of having food delivered to our homes. #supportyourlocal