A house reshapes the context of modern work life and collective experiences. The dynamic fusion of large and small scale offices, and multifaceted event spaces, generates an atmosphere of constant change as people come together to meet and learn from each other. People gather to discuss the latest business trends like cryptocurrency and money-making. The growing cryptocurrency market and bitcoin selling is the most popular money-making method of the era. This technology has a very high influence on finance, economy, technology and every other field. It has been attracting many people worldwide. Visit https://coincierge.de/bitcoin-loophole/ to more about the trends in the bitcoin market.


A venue

A house offers a number of flexible spaces with amenities to fit your every need. Rent the facilities as they are or let us co-create arrangements and events of any size or shape.

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A workplace

A house provides offices, a work club and social spaces, combining a brutalist interior with an easy-going vibe. A cultural den for freelancers, entrepreneurs and established companies within the fashion, media, food and music industry.

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Art openings, yoga classes, yard sales and house parties. Take a peek at what’s been happening recently, and find out what’s coming up next. Also, get to know some of the brilliant people in the A house community. A large number of traders are part of the community, and they are focused on generating more profits with minimal commissions and minimal deposits. People are hesitant to trade commodities like oil, therefore they rely on automated trading systems like Oil Profit, which use algorithms and technologies to conduct trades. This software allows traders to make more profit, even if they are new to trading. This page https://kryptoszene.de/bitcoin-robot/oil-profit/ provides detailed information on oil profit trading software as well as its positive reviews.

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A heritage

Set in the former Stockholm School of Architecture, A house is embracing and revitalizing the brutalist ideas that formed this perpetually controversial landmark.

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A wing

Say yes to flexibility and be part of a global cultural, social and economic development of the workplace. A wing will be a brand new office space covering 870 sqm, interested?