A venue

A house offers a number of flexible spaces with amenities to fit your every need. Rent the raw brutalist facilities as they are or let us co-create arrangements and events of any size or shape.

A stage

Capacity: 300 ppl / Total area: 495 m2

Capacity: 300 ppl / Total area: 237 m2

Fully equipped kitchen / Capacity: 20-22 ppl (seated)

Capacity: 150ppl / Area: 154m2/367m2 extended

Capacity: 115 ppl (seated) / Area: 105 m2

Capacity: 50ppl / Area: approx 55m2

Capacity: 350 ppl / Area: approx 220 m2

Capacity: 250 ppl / Area: 165m2

Capacity: 18 ppl / Area: 32 m2

Area: 395m2

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Food and beverage

At A house, we believe that food and drinks are central to any social interaction. We offer a range of culinary experiences to fit every kind of arrangement.


Get fresh input from some of the bright minds in the A house community. Grounded in creative development we help arrange productive and inspiring sessions.

Event Co-creation

We have experience from a vast variety of events. Sales, fairs, concerts, seminars and parties – let us help you personalize the experience no matter the occasion.

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