Brand new spaces for work and retail

April 27th 2020

We live in interesting times, and the usually bustling atmosphere at A house has temporarily shifted to a more tranquil vibe. But don’t let the calm on the surface fool you. There is a lively activity going on in the community, and a number of architectonic projects underway.

“A wing is a stunning addition to the brutalist A house building”

Our brand new retail space, A shop, is ready to welcome its first tenants. With a high ceiling, and three enormous windows directly at street level, this 132 sqm space is perfect for enterprises within retail or food. Across the yard from the lobby, we are preparing for the eye-catching studio project A wing, a remarkable 870 sqm addition to this iconic house. At the moment we can also offer a limited number of office studios within the existing building. For more information, contact: [email protected] or read more about the plans here:

A shop

A house 400m2