Meet A house member Simon Dahl

January 31st 2019

Hi Simon, what is it that you do?

– I am in the wine trade working with Terroir Vin. We find, import and sell honest wine from dedicated wine producers/farmers around Europe. Mostly to restaurants and wine bars but also to our dear monopoly, Systembolaget.

What was your first encounter with your passion for wine? 

– Having lunch on the green slopes of the Pyréneése with a bottle of wine. And Sunday dinner at my granny’s house. Wine on the table was a given.

If you hadn’t become a sommelier, what else would you have done?

– Actually, I have never worked as a sommelier, although, I have trained as one. A common misconception is that a sommelier (m.) or sommelière (f.) translates to ‘wine expert’, although this is partly true. Sommelierie is a profession meaning being responsible for an establishments wine service. So if I wasn’t working in the wine trade it’s likely that I would work as a sommelier. Or I would have aimed for a nomad profession, doing something that would make it possible to work remotely and traveling whilst working. I love exploring the world. Something creative activating the senses.

Why is A house the place for you?

– Members, members, members (and the lovely A house-staff of course)

– The community is great. A house opens up an arena of service and knowledge exchange which is not only amazing but also efficient and well needed.

Photographer: Anna Schori