Meet A house yoga teacher & member Dag Tolstoy

April 2nd 2019

Hi Dag, what is it that you do here at A house when not being a yoga teacher?

I work at Relate. We are trying to create a more conscious world through awareness of personal values. It’s really good stuff! Everyone should reflect on their personal values. What makes you happy in your everyday?

Tell us about your relationship with yoga!

I started out because I wanted to be different, vainly enough. I didn’t fall in love with it like some people do but I kept coming back. And now a couple of years later I am very happy I did. The biggest benefit I feel today is my ability to let go quickly and not dwell on things. But yoga should definitely be combined with a consistent meditation practice if you want to reap the good fruits. It can be awfully boring at times but damn does it do you good.

What inspires your daily work?

Just talking and listening to people can inspire me. Having conversations that are meaningful in themselves and not a means to something else.

What do you think is the best thing about working at A house?

That so many people are excited about their work! You definitely hear less complaints around here than you do from hanging out with your other friends.

And finally – why do you think A house members should go to your Monday yoga class?

Yoga is really the best self care there is. Not only does it make you physically fit but it can also make you more composed allowing you to enjoy life a bit more. Its only 50 kr, try it out! 🙂