The A house staff is an assembly of visionary thinkers and hands-on doers, always trying to come up with a way to better serve your needs. Please feel free to send us a mail or give us a call if there is something on your mind. Or just pop by the visitor front desk in the lobby, from 8 to 17 there is always someone to help you out.

Tua Asplund Hyllienmark

CEO & Press Contact

Richard Hammarskiöld

Creative Director & Business Development

Zara Larsson


Studio Membership requests

Sigfrid Billgren

Event Manager

Franco Dusant

Event Creator

Vilma Rogsten Zammel

Event Coordinator

Caroline Erfass

Co-creator & Communications

Sarah Blohmé Larsson

Community Manager

Lobby & Work Club membership requests

Wilma Stenberg

Service Manager

Gustav Almquist

Service Manager

Johan Almquist

Chairman of the board