Exhibition: Målar du nåt fult så målar jag över

April 12th 2019

The artist-couple Jacqueline Östlind and Thomas OKOK Gunnarsson have been painting together since the fall of 2018. They work with ink, crayons and markers on paper and they paint on canvas with acrylics, spray and tape. Both abstract and figurative.

When their two separate styles meet, new visual landscapes are discovered. The painting process, usually a lonely work, is replaced with a shared journey. One of them might work on something for hours, that in the breath of a second is overpainted by the other. It’s an inspiring work, but also demanding. They both have to put their egos aside, let go and trust each other and believe in the final result. The magic is hidden in their joint venture.

April 4, 2019, the couple had their first exhibition at Restaurant and bar Ling Long. This time it’s here at A house. The exhibition partly consists of pieces dragged around India during their recent two-month stay there, partly of works made soon after their home-arrival and partly of works that are made here at A house just before the exhibition opening.

Except for being an artist, Jacqueline also works as a tattoo artist and have been exhibited work at Liljevalchs Vårsalong, Asplunds, Waterfront, Nockeby Bageri and in her own art studio: Stateljén, Bromma.

Thomas is also a music artist, going by the name “Swedens Most Handsome Rapper”. He released his debut album “Tommy” fall of 2018. Prior to exhibiting his art with Jacqueline, he has exhibited his work in Paris, New York, Lublin, Osaka, Kyoto and Stockholm.

Follow them on Instagram; @styrofoam_gallery and @ArtByOKOK.

The exhibition runs in A lobby until the end of May.